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795,00 DKK
795,00 DKK
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16x16x25 cm

WANGARI is not just a vase. To SMALLrevolution, the WANGARI vase proofs more than ever before how dirty, doomed plastic waste can be transformed into a luxurious unique piece of art.  

WANGARI is carefully designed with a smooth and elegant look on both outside and inside. 

WANGARI is decorative as it is, free standing as a piece of art. - almost like a solid piece of stone.

As a part of the SMALLrevolution collection, WANGARI has segments that catches the light and gives it a sharp, stylish look that fits most interior settings.

WANGARI works well with flowers. The internal segments of the vase make it easy to distribute each flower in a decorative bucket. 

Use WANGARI in the kitchen for kitchen utensils or as a wine cooler. Anythings goes. 


The vase is both robust and light (weighs only 200g) and will eventually come in all SMALLrevolution’s color combinations. In Feb-March, we are launching Jade, Canary, Early Bird.

As with all SMALLrevolution’s products, WANGARI is made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic waste. 

WANGARI is of course produced in Denmark from local plastic waste.

SMALLrevolution is a design and production company whose furniture is produced exclusively from recycled plastic. They do not add glue or dyes, so all the products can be recycled over and over again. SMALLrevolution designs and produces all their furniture in Denmark and the plastic waste comes from Danish companies and municipalities.

In addition to the production of furniture in 100% recycled plastic, SMALLrevolution also makes partnerships with companies, where they process the company's plastic waste for furniture. They have already established partnerships with AGF, Rudolf Care and Noie Skincare.

SMALLrevolution was founded in 2019 by Arendse Baggesen and Mie Mogensen.