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Summer feeling - to/from card

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12,00 DKK
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Our to and from cards are perfect for a little loving greeting, a congratulation or a personal blessing. Gift the card together with the gift that is wrapped sustainably, eg in Furoshiki.

The design was created by Karen Dulong and is inspired by the colorful flora of our lovely world. The design involves elements from the rainforest, tropical countries and the Danish summer.

Size: 10.5 x 7.5 cm.

Karen is studying a combined master's degree at Copenhagen Business School and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 'Strategy Design and Entrepreneurship'.

"I clearly remember how my grandmother always hid the gift wrap on Christmas Eve. She told me that then one could use it again next year.
I think she was silly, because who would want old gift wrap? As I got a little older, I suddenly realized how much gift wrap my large family actually threw out. I discovered the Japanese wrapping method "Furoshiki", and started wrapping gifts in tea towels, to protect the environment.
I was quickly set on creating a beautiful and sustainable gift wrap, which led to "Forget Me Knot"

- Karen Dulong
Founder & CEO

Cecilie (Cille) is studying for a master's degree at Copenhagen Business School in 'International Marketing and Management'.

“My mother taught me about the circular economy, where since I was little we have sold or passed on things we could no longer use to extend life. We have adopted the same concept in Forget Me Knot, where we give new life to excess fabric.
I have always been aware that it was wrong when gift wrap is collected in large bags for birthdays and Christmas just to be thrown out. I grew up in a home where we only used natural gift wrap and ribbons. Even for textbooks.
I have always hoped to be able to help change the way we consume. And why not start with gift wrapping? ”

- Cecilie Henrichsen
Founder & CFO