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1.349,00 DKK
1.349,00 DKK
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32 X 32 X 42 cm

Sigrid-42 is a cubic shaped podium or small table. It is light and stable at once and therefore easy to move. As with all other SMALLrevolution products, Sigrid has a smooth silky surface which makes it pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.  Sigrid is a part of the Better Together Collection consisting of podiums in 3 different sizes. Combine Sigrid with other podiums(32x32x90cm or 32x32x110cm)from the Better Together Collection - or connect Sigrid with other Sigrids as a square(4x Sigrid) or rectangular coffee table(6xSigrid). Be creative and compose your own coffee table and combine different colors from the SMALLrevolution plastic waste collection.

Sigrid is robust and weather resistant. Sigrid comes with a plug and can be filled with sand or mounted on the surface on the ground. Tools for mounting can be ordered separately.

Important notice: Sigrid can not be used as a stool and is not suitable for heavy weight.

SMALLrevolution is a design and production company whose furniture is produced exclusively from recycled plastic. They do not add glue or dyes, so all the products can be recycled over and over again. SMALLrevolution designs and produces all their furniture in Denmark and the plastic waste comes from Danish companies and municipalities.

In addition to the production of furniture in 100% recycled plastic, SMALLrevolution also makes partnerships with companies, where they process the company's plastic waste for furniture. They have already established partnerships with AGF, Rudolf Care and Noie Skincare.

SMALLrevolution was founded in 2019 by Arendse Baggesen and Mie Mogensen.