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S-hook - 2 stk.

279,00 DKK
279,00 DKK
Inklusive skat. Levering beregnes ved betaling.

The S-hook can be used for everything. Use it for clothes, towels, whisper pieces, jewelry, pots and pans or something completely different. Here it is only the imagination that sets limits.

The s-hooks are lined with residual leather from a furniture factory in order to increase the wear-resistance of the s-hook and to contribute to sustainability by upcycling the leather that the factory has left over.

Advantages of the leather hook over normal s-hooks:

- The leather s-hook exudes high quality and contributes to the Nordic look.
- The leather s-hook does not scratch or tear a hole in clothing, bag or fabric that is hung on it.
- The leather s-hook is designed to fit our coat rack perfectly.
- The leather s-hook in black is timeless and fits into any home.

My name is Josefine, I am 27 years old, married to Simon at the age of 6, I live in a small apartment in Vanløse, which also serves as both a warehouse and a workshop.
I believe that there is a need for more opportunities for more sustainable consumption and for inviting nature into the home.
Therefore, I dream of creating an alternative to buying and throwing out the culture by virtue of products of the highest quality of natural materials with clean paths behind them.
This means that our materials are carefully selected natural materials that do not provide unnecessary load on the soil that we have been given. This means that we use deadstock materials and materials that can circulate and benefit more than once.