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GrowWide&StandOn - selfwatering plant box

1.798,00 DKK
1.798,00 DKK
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GrowWide is, with its 60-22-24 cm., the ideal solution for the balcony, terrace or in the living room. There is enough space for more plants and the smart self-watering system makes it easy to get lush plants without hassle. It is combined with StandWide, a beautiful wooden stand as, so GrowWide becomes a nice little piece of furniture.

By combining a modern and characteristic design with Danish traditions within crafts, SQUARELY is the ultimate solution for growing indoor and outdoor green areas, edible plants and flowers. When you use our plant boxes, you help to recycle and recycle materials and thus promoting a sustainable lifestyle The water tank and soil tank are made of high-quality recycled plastic. The wood is surplus wood from existing furniture productions, which means that no more trees are felled.

The wood is made of ash or oak from European FSC-controlled forests. In addition, the wood is treated with oil, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. 

SQUARELY was created by architect Agnieszka, who, after working for 7 years on sustainable building projects, decided to offer a well-balanced design. A product that will bring the feeling of nature into the home. As she admires Danish design, she decided to combine it with an innovative approach and a sustainable mindset. Today, SQUARELY is a Danish design brand that develops and produces high-quality plant boxes in wood and with a unique self-watering technology.