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GrowOn&StandOn - selfwatering plant box

1.148,00 DKK
1.148,00 DKK
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SQUARELY GrowON will take good care of your plants, both outside and inside. All Squarely planters come with a self-watering system: With this effective self-watering system you can grow different plants in one plant box while reducing the watering frequency 3 times.

The StandON stand fits your GrowOn planter and gives you even more options for placing your planter

The GrowON plant box combines the modular structure
Danish design with our easy irrigation system to give you healthy,
fresh plants in stylish wood of high quality.

Self-watering: 3 L water tank
Plant container: 12-16 cm

SQUARELY was created by architect Agnieszka, who, after working for 7 years on sustainable building projects, decided to offer a well-balanced design. A product that will bring the feeling of nature into the home. As she admires Danish design, she decided to combine it with an innovative approach and a sustainable mindset. Today, SQUARELY is a Danish design brand that develops and produces high-quality plant boxes in wood and with a unique self-watering technology.